By using the services of this website, you agree to the following terms

1. Different services have different service requirements. Please read clearly before placing an order and place an order again.

2. The Instagram part of the service has been clearly marked as non-refundable, no powder, and the order is deemed to agree to the terms.

3. The website does not allow users to maliciously submit a large number of invalid orders. If it occurs, it will do the title processing.

4. Since the service is a virtual service, no refund will be accepted once the order is completed.

5. In case of a major update, the service will be temporarily unavailable. We need time to fix the current system, and orders that have already been paid can be completed in about 7 days. If you need to cancel your order, you must contact customer service.

6. The website reserves the right of final interpretation.

---------------------------------------------Chinese Version------------------------------------------------


1. 不同服务具有不同的服务要求,下单前请看清楚要求再下单。

2. Instagram部分服务,已经明确标注出不退款,不补粉,下单即视为同意该条款。

3. 网站不允许用户恶意提交大量无效订单,如果发生,会做封号处理。

4. 由于该服务属于虚拟服务,一旦完成订单,不接受任何退款。

5. 如遇上大更新,会使服务暂不可用。我们需要时间去修复当前系统,已经付款的订单可以允许7天左右来完成。如果需要取消订单,必须联系客服。

6. 网站保留最终解释权。