1. What payment methods does Wise-Xy support?

Currently accept Alipay, WeChat, Paypal.

2. What services does Wise-Xy offer?

All services have been displayed on the homepage. For details, please refer to the service list on the homepage.

3. How long can I complete my order after placing an order?

The completion time of different services is different. For details, please refer to the description of each service. General Instagram praise, Twitter forwarding, praise, Facebook post praise speed is faster, about 1 hour to complete.

4. What should I do if there is a powder drop?

The powder drop of different services is different, and the solution is different. Please refer to the service description for details.

5. What should I do if I make a wrong order?

Please contact customer service as soon as possible, if the order has already started, it cannot be cancelled.

6. Can you specify a country with powdered and praised?

Some service support, if the service list is not displayed, please contact customer service.

7. What happens if I change my username/URL during the process of the praise?

The praise or powder will stop and the order will not be completed.

---------------------------------------------Chinese Version------------------------------------------------

1. Fast Like支持哪些付款方式


2. Fast Like提供哪些服务?


3. 我在下单后多久可以完成订单?


4. 如果发生掉粉情况怎么办?


5. 我下错订单怎么办?


6. 加粉加赞可以指定国家吗?


7. 如果我在加赞过程中更换了用户名/URL会怎么样?